An online advertising measurement tool

Main TrackMaster API Objects

TrackMaster™ Network for Advertisers designed for advertisers, or advertising agencies,to organize a web ad campaign and track serving data and user interactions.



The Network is the root object of all data for a specific network. Most customers have only one network, although a few large customers have two or three. Each network manages its own user accounts and permissions; you must have an account and permissions for each network on which you want to make calls.

Network User/Roles

Networks manage its own user accounts and permissions. The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Network User/Roles are assigned particular roles, and through those role assignments acquire the permissions to perform particular functions. Since Network User/Roles are not assigned permissions directly, but only acquire them through their role. Certainly, you can allot special permissions to individual.    Media

TrackMaster API maintains a global list of Media, called the Media Lib, with entries that describe each media’s information.

* If a media you want to include in your local list is not present in the Media Lib, you can contact us.


TrackMaster API maintains a global list of Advertisers, called the Advertisers Lib, with entries that describe each advertisers’ information.


Part of advertisers has one or more Brands objects associated with it. A brand is a brand that is associated with an independent product line. A brand can belong to one advertiser only.


Each advertiser has one or more Campaign objects associated with it. A campaign groups together a set of ads and placements for a single advertiser. Campaigns have a start and end date. A campaign can belong to one advertiser only. A campaign links to one or more Placement.


A Placement represents a fixed block of ad space on a page. A creative is an advertisement, and a placement holds a creative. A placement provides the creative’s URL, its physical dimensions, pricing information such as CPM, CPC, and a few other properties. Placements can optionally be grouped into a PlacementGroup for media that sell placements in groups.


A creative is a wrapper for one or more files representing the advertisement. You can assign a default creative to multiple Ad objects from any campaign in your account.