Get spots of the given campaign in a period of time

GET /advertisers/campaigns/placements/:placement_id/spots


Required date - Beginning date to retrieve data in format YYYY-MM-DD.
Required date - Final date to retrieve data in format YYYY-MM-DD.
Optional integer - the start index

If not supplied, the page is 1. (Feed pages are 1-based. That is, the first entry is entry 1, not entry 0.) Use this parameter as a pagination mechanism along with the per_page parameter for situations when totalResults exceeds 30 and you want to retrieve entries indexed at 31 and beyond.

Optional integer - the max-results

You can use this in combination with page to retrieve a subset of elements, or use it alone to restrict the number of returned elements, starting with the first. If you do not use the per_page parameter in your query, your feed returns the default maximum of 30 entries.


Status: 200 OK
X-RateLimit-Limit: 5000
X-RateLimit-Remaining: 4999
    //Placement ID
    "placement_id": 200019261,
    //Online Date
    "online_date": "2012-04-13",
    //Creative ID
    "creative_id": 200019827,
    //Perchase Unites
    "units": 23,